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A Fireside Chat with Garnet Heraman

By Adam Heppe, COO and Co-Founder of Uncrowd

We were lucky enough to have Garnet Heraman, a social impact investor, to join us on Wednesday, October 28th to have a discussion on the current state of venture capital and what that means for underrepresented founders. Garnet Heraman is a man of many accolades (as you will hear during the first part of the presentation). Some of Garnet's achievements and experience include: 

  • Investor and Board Advisor at Empyreal Logistics
  • Director at Columbia Venture Community
  • Co-Founder of Aperture VC
  • Managing Partner at FUEL.ATL
  • Senior Advisor at Impact ROI
  • Board Advisor at Zenus, Inc.
  • Investor at Gather Voices
  • Non-Executive Chairman at PodCo Media Networks, Inc.
  • Senior Advisor and Investor at Dynepic, Inc.

And these are just SOME of his current roles! Forest Richter, CEO and Co-Founder of Uncrowd, hosted Garnet and asked him a variety of questions regarding his background, his experience, and how the venture capital ecosystem works for underrepresented founders. The topics that Forest discusses with Garnet include:

  • High-level overview of Garnet's background
  • Role and purpose behind Aperture VC
  • Corporate commitments to social impact investing
  • How Garnet finds underrepresented founders
  • How Garnet ended up where he is today
  • Misunderstandings of underrepresented founders
  • Why investors are still overlooking underrepresented founders
  • LPs expectations of diversity inclusion
  • Garnet's inspirations in the venture capital ecosystem
  • Future of diversity investment
  • Warning signs for a bad investor relationship
  • Best practice for getting in front of investors (one way is to use Uncrowd!)

We are very appreciative of Garnet taking the time to talk with us and provide valuable information to you. The video is definitely very interesting and informative.  You will also learn why Garnet always has Zombies on his mind!

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