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An Intro to Venture Funding

By Adam Heppe, COO and Co-Founder of Uncrowd

Forest Richter, CEO and Co-Founder of Uncrowd, presents an Intro to Venture Funding. Forest opens the conversation on Venture Funding with a basic definition of what Venture Funding is and who is involved in the process. He then follows that up with a simplistic example showing how a Venture Fund makes deals and money on behalf of investors. Forest then provides an overview on how Founders can attract investors with candid commentary on the process. Afterwards, he provides an overview of how Founders can craft a pitch deck in order to peak investors' interest, focusing specifically on including an ask to the investors in the pitch deck. Lastly, Forest touches on some statistics on the Venture Capital industry, including the demographics of traditional venture capitalists, the geography where most of the deals are made, and the demographics of who traditionally receives funding, and how Uncrowd was developed to break the Pipeline Problem!

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Check out the full session below:


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